Human Growth Agent
Human Growth Agent
Specially designed to stimulate the body's Huma Growth Hormone production on both male and females, this top rated products helps in a wide variety of problems. It slows down the aging process, increases the energy level of your metabolism, boosts the sex drive and helps building stronger muscles. A great supplement for any type of person with an active life and desire to stay healthy. It is also known to help loosing body weight when in the process of weight loss, that making it a perfect companion especially for women.
Per Bottles
30 ml x 1 bottle
30 ml x 2 bottles
30 ml x 3 bottles
Product Description

Common use


                Most commonly used by men to slow down the aging process and help building more muscle force, HGA is also very popular among women seeking to loose weight in faster manners. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, HGA can increase the level of burned fat with more than 15%. A universal formula designed to naturally fight with all the factors that lead to premature aging, depression, weight gain, low stamina, etc.


Dosage and directions


                Human Growth Agent comes in a 1fl.oz bottle which is calculated to last you a month. It's in the form of a spray so shake it well then proceed with administrating yourself full sprays under the tongue. The recommended period of the day when it's optimal to use HGA is in the morning, right after you wake up and in the afternoon before dinner with minimum 1 hour. With 6 puffs a day, two in the morning and four in the afternoon, the user should feel the results in less than 48 hours.




                Keep safe from spraying HGA into your eyes as it may cause the sensation of burn due to it's active ingredients. Consult your doctor ahead of trying Human Growth Agent for the first time for the best results and the most optimal effects. Used improperly or in larger doses than recommended can lead to unwanted side effects.




                It's not recommended to administrate Human Growth Agent in case you suffer from heart problems or diabetes. Also, pregnant women should restrain from using the product throughout the whole pregnancy period and also during the lactation period. Never mix HGA with alcohol or other forms of preparations which may interact with the product's ingredients.


Possible side effects


                Among the possible side effects of the HGA product, dizziness, nausea, light head aches, the feeling of fatigue might affect less than 5% of the users. In very rare cases, less than 0,1% of users encounter severe side effects and allergies such as, vomiting, trembles, heavy breathing and loss of taste.


Missed dose


                If you miss your morning dose, try and administrate it as fast as possible when you remember but not in cases when more than 4 hours have passed. When time passed way to much for the morning dose to be administrated, simply proceed with taking the afternoon dose when the time comes. The same thing should be applied in case you miss the afternoon dose as well.




                Although very low chances of an overdose, if you feel unwell and side effect start to take place, seek medical help in the shortest time for a fast and reliable recovery of your normal health.




                Human Growth Agent should be stored at room temperature, not exceeding 25 Celsius and in dry conditions. Extreme humidity or heat can damage the product and make it unsafe to use. Store it in it's original box and keep it away from children and animals.



            All products presented at this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Don't hesitate to consult your health care practitioner before taking any herbal supplement.

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