Megalis (Tadalafil)
Megalis is a new revolutionary erection pills from Swiss recommended for managing all symptoms of erectile dysfunction
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Product Description

Common use

Megalis is a new revolutionary erection pills from Swiss recommended for managing all symptoms of erectile dysfunction (weak erection, loss of erection during intercourse, low sex drive etc.) Having Tadalafil as its active ingredient, Megalis lets men develop perfect erection within 30 minutes and stays in the body up to 48 hours. Compare: Viagra becomes effective within 60 minutes and stays in the system for 4 hours. When you take 1 pill of Megalis, you are ready for action for 2 days!

Dosage and direction

Megalis is administered with or without food, it is taken orally with 0,5-1 glass of water. If you have never used erection pills before, start with the smallest amount of Megalis (Tadalafil) possible – take 5mg of it. If this dose proves to be efficient, try to keep to it in the future. Regular Megalis dose is 10 mg or 20 mg taken when needed shortly before sex action.


Men with severe health disorders should go and see their doctor before starting Megalis therapy. Some men are not recommended to take Megalis because they are too weak to have sex or have bad penis pathology.


It is dangerous to start Megalis intake if you have serious kidney, liver, heart or blood pressure diseases. Please, visit your physician before using erection pills to make sure they are a safe choice for you! Men younger than 18 and older than 75 are not prescribed Megalis.

Possible side effects

Megalis (Tadalafil) is a well-tolerated medication. You are not likely to face any adverse reaction if you do not overdose Megalis and do not take much alcohol with your erection pills. If you stomach is sensitive take Megalis after meals. Common Megalis side effects such as headache, red face, and irregular heartbeat disappear within 1 hour. Conditions such as allergic reactions, lasting painful erections, fainting, vision loss etc. require immediate medical help!

Drug interactions

Make sure you tell your doctor about any other medications, medical herbs and vitamins you take before using Megalis to avoid severe complications. Try to stop drinking alcoholic beverages when you take Megalis to make sure you never face Megalis side effects. The drug must not be taken with any form of nitrate medication.

Missed dose

As a rule, Megalis is taken when needed before sex activity. If you doctor recommends you to take Megalis on a regular basis, take 1 pill daily of the drug at approximately the same time. If you forget to take Megalis, use it as soon as you remember. If it is time for another pill, skip the dose!


Warning! Megalis overdose can be dangerous! Never take Megalis repeatedly within 24 hours! The maximum safe amount is 20 mg taken daily. If you feel dizziness, faint, vomit, feel irregular heartbeat and chest pain, call 911 to avoid serious health risks!


Make sure you keep your Megalis pills is a dark dry place away from women, children, pets and any persons who are not meat to take Megalis. If a woman or a child takes Megalis by mistake, call 911 without delay!


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